Wally the bunny is the new king of cute on Instagram


Hopping straight into our hearts.

Bugs Bunny. Roger Rabbit. Regina George from Mean Girls on Halloween. And now we have Wally the bunny, one of the cutest things to hop onto Instagram

Hailing from Massachusetts, Wally is the furball that everyone wants to cuddle and play with in the yard. But on top of being adorable, Wally is pretty damn glamorous. Check out the stunner:

Wally gives face. Somebody get this bunny a rabbit modeling contract ASAP. Check out that strut.

Choose the correct answer. The animal pictured above is a (a) cat (b) dog (c) bunny (d) neither (e) all of the above

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And dat ass.

Let us begin the week with a bunny rump!

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For all those rabbits trying to court Mr. Wally, here are the basics: He’s an English Angora bunny, 10 months old and a Cancer (just like his human Molly). The lady lucky enough to win him over gets to go to bed with this:

But most importantly, where does Wally get his hair done? Asking for… a friend. 

H/T HelloGiggles | Photos via wally_and_molly/Instagram

Gabe Bergado

Gabe Bergado

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