All of these viral ‘Unnecessary Inventions’ are strangely necessary

You can’t buy these. But you’ll really want to.


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Matty Benedetto is a product designer by training, but his sense of humor led him to a life of hilarious content creation instead.

Benedetto builds Unnecessary Inventions, ingenious products that solve urgent problems you don’t actually have—like a drink holder for your shoe, or an alarm clock that snoozes itself so you won’t be bothered in the morning.

The Concert Cam Cap™️  | Unnecessary Inventions

His fake products (and their crisp photos and videos) are so popular that he’s garnered 4 million followers across social media—a vast community of invention enthusiasts who either really want to buy these ridiculous items or can’t stop suggesting bad inventions.

The iCooker Collection™️ | Unnecessary Inventions

This week on 2 GIRLS 1 PODCAST, Alli and Jen talk to Benedetto about where his weekly inspiration comes from, why it’s so hard to think of a problem that doesn’t exist, and what happens when real brands get involved in the fake product business.

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