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This nifty tool will help you master the ukulele using funky LED lights

The uke is the guitar’s less intimidating cousin, and this teaching device will show you how to master it.


Colette Bennett

Internet Culture

Everyone has had rockstar dreams at one point. We all pretty much yearned to step on a stage and flex in front of an audience like Jimi Hendrix, but not many of us actually had the patience in learning how to do so. Then again, as they always say, it’s never too late to try, and if you still have dreams of strumming your heart away, you can start by picking up the ukulele, which is far less intimidating if you ask us.

Sure, it’s not exactly rockstar material, but the ukulele is one of the most beginner-friendly instruments out there, making it the perfect stepping stone to learning the guitar. Fret Zealot can then be your guide to mastering playing the uke––it’s a state-of-the-art LED addition that you tether to the frets and shows you exactly where to put your fingers to play anything you want.

It pairs with an app and offers an impressive slate of features to help you get to grips with playing it quickly without having to look for additional instructional content. With Fret Zealot, you can put your 100% focus on mastering the technique and figuring out your own sound.

For a limited time, you can get this intuitive teaching device on sale for only $99 — a 29% markdown from the usual $139.

Price subject to change. 

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