After 10 years, ‘Twilight’ fandom revives with meme-filled renaissance

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Twilight is 10 years old, but that isn’t stopping fans from flashing back to a decade ago when Team Edward and Team Jacob merchandise dominated stores, the media, and many teenagers’ hearts.

All this time after the films debuted, love for Twilight has seemingly reignited across Twitter and Tumblr. The fans are referring to it as a “Twilight renaissance,” and indeed it’s perfect timing. The 10-year anniversary of the film franchise was on Oct. 5, and the film is releasing on 4K Blu-ray for the first time on Oct. 23.

There has maybe never been a better time to be a Twilight fan, as many folks seem to be celebrating rather than making fun of the franchise. Twitter is especially a hotbed of Twilight content, with diehard fans making new memes to show their eternal love for the novels and films.

Tumblr is positively bustling, as well. Entire new accounts on the platform are devoted to Twilight memes and discussions.

Tumblr has brought on a 'Twilight' renaissance. thebidetective/Tumblr Tumblr has brought on a 'Twilight' renaissance. twilightrenaissance/Tumblr Tumblr has brought on a 'Twilight' renaissance. twilightrenaissance/Tumblr

People are running with all kinds of takes on Twilight, like suggesting (without much evidence) that Rosalie and the entire cast could be queer. Some are pointing out the problematic aspects of the franchise, especially in its depictions of Native American characters.

Twilight is back, for better or for worse, but don’t think it’s OK to bully anyone because they happen to like sparkly vampires. As one Tumblr user recounts, being teased so harshly about being a Twilight fan had negative lasting effects.

Tumblr has brought on a 'Twilight' renaissance. darling-esme/Tumblr

Others aren’t being as eloquent about their diving back into the fandom.

Tumblr has brought on a 'Twilight' renaissance. lesbian-alice/Tumblr

Whether you believe the entirety of the Cullen clan is indeed gay, or you just want to excitedly re-embrace the franchise, you’ve gotta hand it to Twilight: It’s endured after all these years. Now if we could only choose between Team Edward and Team Jacob once and for all.

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