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Trump’s campaign drags Joe Biden with ‘You Ain’t Black’ shirts

The campaign is selling the T-shirts for $30.


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Former Vice President Joe Biden faced backlash on Friday after telling a radio show host that he “ain’t Black” if he wasn’t sure whether to vote for him or President Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential elections.

Just a few hours later, Trump’s official campaign website began selling #YouAintBlack T-shirts for $30.

In the product description, the Trump campaign said they created the T-shirt so people would be reminded of Biden’s comment.

“Joe Biden actually told Black Americans they ‘ain’t Black’ if they support President Donald J. Trump,” the description reads. “Sport this shirt and make sure NO ONE forgets the words #YouAintBlack came out of Joe Biden’s mouth!”

Once the news of the merchandise hit Twitter, people were shocked about the speediness of the merch addition and angry about the messaging.

“A bunch of white people at a MAGA rally wearing ‘you ain’t black’ t-shirts is not going to send the message they were thinking of when they printed those shirts,” one user noted.

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Earlier on Friday, Biden apologized for the comments, clarifying that he was speaking out of jest. But Katrina Pierson, the senior advisor to the Trump campaign and leader of Black Voices For Trump, said she does not believe Biden.

“White liberal elitists have continuously dictated which Black Americans are allowed to come to the table and have a voice,” she said. “He truly believes that he, a 77-year-old white man, should dictate how Black people should behave. Biden has a history of racial condescension and today he once again proved what a growing number of Black Americans have always known—Joe Biden does not deserve our votes.”

Biden made the comment during an interview with Charlamagne tha God about his presidential campaign. Charlamagne asked about his potential running mate, to which Biden said he was “not acknowledging anybody who is being considered.” The Democratic nominee then told Charlamagne he can “guarantee” that “multiple black women are being considered for the role.”

Charlamagne invited Biden back on the show at a later date, saying that he’s still got more questions for him.

“It’s a long way until November,” he said. This is when Biden said, “You’ve got more questions? Well, I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t Black.”


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