You can now buy toilet paper with Trump’s tweets printed on it

Nothing embodies contemporary American political discourse quite like a poop joke. Now, however, you can take that to its literal extreme—with toilet paper featuring tweets by President Donald Trump.

Amazon has begun selling the stuff for just $12 per roll. (Sorry, it’s not eligible for Prime shipping. It’s also all sold out, as of publication.) According to, which sells the novelty product, the two-ply roll features a “collection of ten of Donald Trump’s most flushable tweets.”

Toilet Paper Printed with Trump Tweets Photo via

The market for political-twinged bathroom accouterments appears to be booming with other toilet paper featuring the faces of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and, of course, Trump. In case that’s not enough bathroom humor for you, some enterprising person even created a talking Trump toilet paper holder that blurts out quotes from the president “with Trump’s REAL VOICE.”

It is unclear what level of hell a person seeks to descend into by actually using any of these products. And, to be fair, most of them are likely purchased as joke gifts—probably by the type of uncle who listens to Rush Limbaugh while driving to Florida in his bus-sized RV and thinks this is a good way to bond with his politically active liberal nephew at Christmas.

Then again, as the Hill seems to speculate, this may all just be part of Jeff Bezos‘ war with the president. Either way, it’s all pretty shitty.

Andrew Couts

Andrew Couts

Andrew Couts is the former editor of Layer 8, a section dedicated to the intersection of the Internet and the state—and the gaps in between. Prior to the Daily Dot, Couts served as features editor and features writer for Digital Trends, associate editor of, and associate editor at Maxim magazine. When he’s not working, Couts can be found hiking with his German shepherds or blasting around on motorcycles.