Lightning bolt shaped like T-rex is nature at its coolest

t rex lightning

Photo via U.S. Department of the Interior/Facebook


There are moments when mother nature just totally stuns you. A lightning bolt in the likeness of tyrannosaurus rex is one of those moments.

It’s monsoon season in Arizona, which means a flurry of storms. During one bout of lightning, Petrified Forest National Park ranger Hallie Larsen photographed a bolt that was equally terrifying and amazing. The electricity takes the shape of a T-rex about to take a bite out of the landscape.

On Wednesday, the U.S. Department of the Interior posted the picture to their Facebook page and Instagram.

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Blue Mesa is the rock formation that looks like it’s about to be this dinosaur‘s dinner.

Some Facebook commenters have other ideas for what they see in the lightning bolt, such as a heart-shaped balloon or a snake, but a tyrannosaurus rex is clearly the most badass (and practical) interpretation.


Lightning has given us plenty of moments to fear this past year, but this one is definitely the most stunning formation.  


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