Karl Marx and Tim Allen

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Tim Allen mocked for weird ‘Carl Marx’ tweet

Seth Rogen took the opportunity to remind Allen of his two-year prison sentence for drug trafficking.


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Hollywood actor Tim Allen may have inadvertently spawned a new meme on Friday after sending out a bizarre tweet about “Carl Marx.”

The odd tweet—which incorrectly spelled the name of Karl Marx, the German political theorist who co-wrote the Communist Manifesto—was met with widespread confusion online.

“Carl Marx. Communist manifesto. Wikipedia,” Allen tweeted.

The tweet from Allen, the conservative actor behind such roles as Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear, has since been shared more than 29,000 times.

Allen followed up by correcting his spelling mistake before opining on what he felt Marx’s reaction would be to 21st century America.

“I am sure Mr Marx would have made adjustments to his position had he been exposed to our country’s advanced evolution of worker unions and our protection of child labor,” Allen said.

But Twitter users latched on to Allen’s initial tweet and created equally confusing tweets of their own in return.

“Human sacrifice. Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria,” @ed_solomon said.

Countless users used the opportunity to remind Allen of his two-year prison sentence for getting caught with 1.4 pounds of cocaine in 1978.

“What are three things you like less than selling cocaine?” actor Seth Rogen replied.


There is now an endless stream of tweets about Allen’s history with cocaine. “Tim Allen. Felony Drug Trafficking. Wikipedia,” @travisakers said.


Others joked that Allen’s tweet was an endorsement of Marxism, praising the actor for his bold stance. “Welcome to the resistance, comrade tool man,” @planetofdeer said.


“Me 4 drinks deep trying to freestyle,” @gilbertjasono quipped.


We can only hope Allen returns soon with another equally confusing and meme-worthy tweet.

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