woman making macaroni and cheese with flaming hot cheetos


TikToker’s homemade Hot Cheeto mac and cheese has viewers asking why

Seriously, why would you do this?


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Hot Cheeto-flavored instant mac has been available in stores for a while now, but for some reason, one TikToker decided she needed to make her own version instead.

She put Hot Cheetos in a pan, cooked them into an unappetizing goo, and then added it to mac and cheese…

The video comes from TikTok fitness influencer Getti Kehayova, who also teaches online hula-hooping classes and owns a Guinness World Record for the largest hula hoop spun. She boasts 592,000 TikTok followers, many of whom hate her cooking.

While you can’t exactly call it made from scratch, as she still used boxed mac and cheese combined with bags of Cheetos to make this monstrosity, it’s still slightly more homemade than the ready-made stuff you can buy in the store.

Hvactech101: Or just go to Walmart and buy a box of the Cheetos Mac and Cheese they sell
And the worst thing about that was, Cheetos make a flaming hot cheeto mac and cheese mix already so there was absolutely zero point to everything she did.
JosiahJustJosiah: They sell this clown emoji in Walmart

Why you’d want to though is another question entirely.

TayBae: If someone says 'Its ACTUALLY good' that means it's not good at all and they're trying to convince themselves
she's been my worst enemy since she made hot cheeto mac n cheese
Keitheats: One word, why?

Especially as, unlike the readymade stuff which just adds Cheetos seasoning to the boxed mac, her version includes over a bag of actual Cheeto slurry added to the sauce.

Official Nakia: I know it taste just like soggy bread

The TikTok is getting slammed online as typical white peopling for among other things, how white people “refuse to use seasoning.”

xoxoxx: It doesn't get any whiter than this!!
Jen: white people refuse to use seasoning... skull emoji
Shahin: tell me you're white without telling me you're white

With one Twitter user making a bold suggestion: “White women are now banned from cooking.”

Between the boiling hot Cheetos recipe and this, White women are now banned from cooking

Meanwhile the author of this heinous food crime is completely unphased by the slew of outrage her video inspired.


Seriously, to all those who got triggered by my other video, lighten up, this is TikTok not FB 🥳✌🏼 #cheetos #bigmouthfilter #staypositive

♬ original sound – Getti

She’s even has gone on to commit yet another act of culinary terrorism with this spaghetti, mince, and Nerds casserole. Yes, that’s right, Nerds as in the candy.

At this point it’s probably safe to say she’s just trolling us all.

I blame the fucking pandemic. WTF? Isn't this the cheeto mac and cheese lady? Take away her account and camera privileges.
'GD Cheeto Mac woman with another crime against food.' gif of a dark skinned man in an elaborate military uniform captioned 'right to jail. Right away'
This is the cheeto mac lady. She has to be trolling.
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