woman brings awareness to BFAM - big fucking ass mouth


Meet the singer who’s TikTok-famous for her ‘big f**king a** mouth’

Samantha Ramsdell has a big mouth. But she has other things going on, too.


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Samantha Ramsdell’s TikTok bio spells it out: “No, it’s not a filter.”

She’s referring to what she’s become known for on TikTok: her big mouth. Not figuratively, but literally.


Reply to @banneduser04 close!!!!!

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Ramsdell tells the Daily Dot that commenters started pointing out the size of her mouth first, and she played along, engaging and responding with humorous videos. While her first few TikToks feature her singing, in December 2019 she posted a video addressing inquiries about her mouth.

Since then, she’s developed a following and uses comedy to address the many serious and non-serious questions she gets. Last month, she responded to a question about what “condition” she has with a video detailing her struggle with “BFAM,” or “big fucking ass mouth,” which she’d previously parodied with a faux TLC show. She’s addressed seemingly jokey comments about whether she’s a “human or a titan,” and how she eats certain foods. (Normally!)


Reply to @sam_sauce21 I have a rare genetic condition called BFAM….

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A video from July addressing whether she’s “insecure” about her mouth got more than 7 million views. Last week, a TikTok showing her fitting a whole Subway sandwich in her mouth got more than 13 million views.


Reply to @hopt690 if I really wanted to I can prob eat the entire thing in 2 bites 😬

♬ original sound – Sam Ramsdell

Unsurprisingly, she also has to deal with creepy comments. “Lots of wiener pictures,” she says.


No matter what I do people will still hate me so whatever 😂 #bigmouth

♬ original sound – Sam Ramsdell

“Sometimes, in the beginning, I was offended when people called me a ‘one-trick pony’ about my mouth,” she says. “I was like, ‘Hey, I’m posting way more than just my mouth but my mouth just gets five times more views!” Ramsdell said the focus was “a little frustrating,” especially since she was posting more comedic videos and spotlighting her singing, something she’s been doing since she was a kid in Maine and joined the church choir.

“My dream growing up was to be on Broadway,” she says, “but almost everyone in my life growing up said being an artist wasn’t realistic and I’d never make it, so when I was 17 I quit and went to college at [University of New Hampshire] as a communications and business major. I didn’t start singing and acting again until I was 28.”

Like any good performer, she’s great at improvising and hitting the right comedic beats. Not everyone could come back from being compared to the Alaskan Bull Worm from SpongeBob SquarePants.


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♬ original sound – Sam Ramsdell
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