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‘This Tesla is detecting someone that’s not there at the cemetery’: Driver sees ‘ghost’ through collision avoidance sensor

‘Totally picking up a spirit.’


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The internet is spooked after a video showing phantom figures randomly appearing on a Tesla’s collision avoidance screen while parked at a cemetery went viral.

This video has gone viral on more than one occasion, with the most recent iteration posted by TikToker Shmaelyn (@macabrehappenings).

Shmaelyn’s video currently has over 846,000 views.

“Here’s something really scary: this Tesla is detecting a person that’s not there at this cemetery,” Shmaelyn says in the video.

The original video appears to come from Twitter user Ovidiu Maciuc (@OMaciuc), whose account is now suspended.

However, Tesla detecting “ghosts” in graveyards is nothing new. Users across social media have posted videos of similar phenomena for as long as Tesla’s collision avoidance tool has been in existence.

For example, a similar video was posted in July 2021 by TikToker Yailin (@yailinmurillo).


So my uncle did this today at the cemetery 🤯🤯🤯 look closely you can see a dog !!!! #fypシ #ghost #tesla #cemetery #scarytiktoks #notfakenews

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In October of that year, user Krissy (@krissylosoya) observed the same “ghost detection” in another cemetery, later posting the video to TikTok.

There was even another viral Tesla cemetery TikTok earlier this year, posted by TikToker @iam3dgar.

So what is going on here? Are Tesla vehicles truly detecting a supernatural presence?

Most likely, no.

Tesla’s collision avoidance system works using an array of cameras positioned around the vehicle. As the car inputs data from all these sources, it uses its inbuilt computer to make its best guess as to what it is seeing and respond accordingly.

For example, if the car sees another car try to merge too closely, it can automatically brake, avoiding a crash.

However, this system is not yet perfect, and its errors frequently go viral. In July, Twitter user Jordan (@JordanTeslaTech) caused buzz on the internet after noting that his car was mistaking the moon for a yellow light, resulting in the car automatically slowing down.

This might explain the random people appearing on Tesla’s collision avoidance detection while in graveyards. The car’s onboard computer is trained for the road, and it is simply making its best guess as to what things like gravestones, trees, and floral decorations could be given that context.

Still, that didn’t stop TikTokers from being amused and a bit scared by the video.

As one user commented, “Ohhh I love this!! Totally picking up [a] spirit.”

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