Teens destroy Belfast home after party invite spreads on Facebook

What was supposed to be a small get-together turned into total destruction. Police are investigating it as a hate crime.


Kris Holt


Published Jul 29, 2013   Updated Jun 1, 2021, 10:30 am CDT

Youngsters in Belfast seemingly have nothing better to do than wreck homes, probably for teenage kicks.

Hundreds of hooligans apparently showed up to a woman’s home after her son’s Facebook party invite went viral. The uninvited guests, including some linked to sectarian violence in the loyalist Suffolk area, trashed the home and moved on, according to the BBC

The planning for Saturday’s soiree started out when the woman’s 17-year-old son wanted to have about 10 friends over for a get-together. However, things got extreme when a “stranger” posted the details to Facebook more publicly. About 90 minutes later, scores of brats turned up and swarmed over the estate’s fence with designs on getting into her house.

“My dining room table was smashed, there were cigarette butts in my bath, the bath was kicked in,” she told the BBC. “They actually stole the food out of my fridge.”

She was at work but asked her neighbor, and nearby mother and sister to keep an eye on things. Her “responsible” son, his friends, and a couple of neighbors tried to eject the trouble makers, to no avail.

Nearby, four cars and a house window were reported damaged about 30 minutes after cops were called to the house. Police are treating the incident as a hate crime and have yet to make any arrests.

Facebook is the bane of existence for parents who want to keep their pristine homes safe from the invading masses. Many youngsters have fallen victim to Facebook party invites reaching more people than intended and having thousands of dollars in damages dealt to their folks’ abodes. Maybe Facebook should have a security team ready to deploy to wherever teens have organized small get-togethers on weekend evenings. 

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*First Published: Jul 29, 2013, 1:12 pm CDT