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‘Talking ’bout’ TikTok trend just states ‘Facts’

More than 470,000 videos have been uploaded to TikTok.


Audra Schroeder

Internet Culture

The song “Facts,” from BG Lil Pat and Bando HotHead, has become the soundtrack for a TikTok trend about “problems” and “perks.”

The trend uses a snippet from the 2019 song, and Know Your Meme points to a late September TikTok from user frzyk as the origin of the audio. The sound has since been used in more than 470,000 TikToks and typically applies to videos where a person states a “perk” or “problem,” only to reveal a twist.

One recent viral example is Grace Rodriguez’s TikTok, which she captioned, “problems with having every guy at ur school simp over you,” implying she’s referring to herself, only to follow up with “idk ask my mom.”

Other examples use the trend to insult an ex’s new girlfriend, siblings, and cheaters.

Another version of the trend presents what teens are actually doing when their parents think they’re sleeping.

And others used the audio to simply state facts.

The song has more than 2 million plays on YouTube, and many of the top comments are people there from TikTok. Several commenters also pointed out that Bando HotHead, real name Damieon Rodgers, was shot and killed in Chicago in early March.

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