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A taco truck stuck in a traffic jam started selling tacos, because tacos

This is the one time being stuck in traffic doesn’t suck.


David Covucci

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Traffic jams are one of the more misery-inducing experiences of modernity, one where you are completely at the whims of everyone else around you, incapable of controlling your own destiny. 

You know the one thing that could make it better? 

Some tacos. 

That’s what happened on I-5 in Washington, when a truck hauling propane tipped over, leaving everyone on the highway stuck.

Tacos El Tajin was there, and they figured, “heck, why not open up shop?”

“We are ready to serve food, everywhere,” Tacos El Tajin owner Thomas Lopez told the Seattle Times.

Truth, and he made several peoples’ day. Like Rachael McQuade, who got two chicken and two steak tacos. 

“What do you do in a time like that? You got to make the best of it, right?” she said.

Personally, making the best of it in my book would be some suadero and carnitas, but you do you. 

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