Woman confesses her crush with song titles on a Spotify playlist

We used to confess our secret crushes through mixtapes on cassette, or dumb little notes written on college-ruled notebook paper. (“Do you like me? Check one”.) But those days in firmly in the past. Now the kids are doing it with Spotify playlists that spell out their intentions in song titles. One woman’s effort to that effect is going viral this week. And, even better, it seems to have gotten her the guy.

“I kinda like you and I wanted to tell you. You might not feel the same and that is okay, but I thought you should know. If u don’t feel it I still wanna be friends. I am corny,” Hannah Woodley wrote out in track names.

The message includes two Kendrick Lamar tracks, as well as songs by the Backstreet Boys, AWOLNATION, and Empire of the Sun. The 1975’s “You” appears twice—it’s a very useful title for this sort of thing.

The object of Woodley’s affection is one Jack Sipes, who posts beats on SoundCloud under the handle “moon.” He’s confessed to being the guy on his Twitter and on his account at Q&A social network curiouscat.

“How’d you tell her you liked her too??? Did u also make her a playlist😂,” someone asked him.

“nah i was like girl u look like a snack,” he replied. A good line, although it’s not exactly the same level of effort Woodley put into her confession.

Woodley’s post about the playlist is now nearing 200,000 favorites, and both she and Jack are reveling in it.

She even asked Spotify for a little kickback in exchange for all the free publicity.

But it didn’t work.

Although Woodley’s might be the most popular message ever spelled out with Spotify track names, it’s certainly not the first. Earlier this month, a college student used a playlist to dump a guy she had gone on a couple of dates with. “I am kinda lovin someone else but we can still be friends,” she wrote.

And it’s also not the last. People are responding to Woodley on Twitter with their own joke playlists, and it’s turned into a minor meme:

Oh, the internet, where for every sweet gesture, there are 10 people demanding “send nudes.”

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Jay Hathaway

Jay Hathaway

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