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Screengrabs via foothillhsjvcheer/YouTube

These grandparents don’t know what to make of Snapchat’s Lenses

Grandpa has quite the (fish) mouth.


Samantha Grasso

Internet Culture

The best part about the holidays is showing off your latest gadgets to the older members of your family. 

Take this cute Snapchat compilation, for example. The day after Thanksgiving, YouTube user foothillhsjvcheer uploaded a video of her grandparents using Snapchat’s face lenses for the first time, and their reactions were disgustingly adorable. 

Grandpa could not be any less enthused by this feature. “Who’s putting that shit on us?” he asks after his granddaughter uses the cartoonish doe lens on their faces. “Do you pay for this crap?” Gramps is right to be skeptical—like rapper B.o.B. pointed out, Snapchat could be up to some pretty sneaky CIA-level stuff.

Grandma, on the other hand, is having way too much fun with the lenses. “Oh my god!” she exclaims throughout the clip. She seems most amused getting turned into that doe. “Look at me!” 

Hopefully by December Snapchat will have a few fun Christmas and Hanukkah selfie lenses, giving us another cute reaction vid. I can totally see Grandma losing it over getting turned into one of Santa’s elves.

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