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‘Sassy’ Trump is a whole new level of political satire

Real effective, Donald.


April Siese

Internet Culture

Much has been said about normalizing Donald Trump in that it reduces the President-elect’s incendiary rhetoric to nothing more than playground hissy fits. People are tired of seeing the Donald mocked on the left almost as much as they’re sick of him not being taken seriously on the right. Luckily, there’s a middle ground, and it’s sassy as fuck.

Meet Sassy Trump, the creation of Peter Serafinowicz. The Shaun of the Dead actor takes the exact dialogue of a Trump interview, campaign appearance, or debate, and turns it into something far spicier. Initially spawned by simple mockery, Serafinowicz clearly found that just voicing over what Trump really has to say is worth far more than simple caricaturization.

Hearing Sassy Trump tell racists to “stop it” also highlights just how useless that kind of answer is. It’s doubtful the temper tantrum Trump wreaking havoc in the minds of liberals ever got bullies to cut the shit with a simple “stop it.” Does he really think racists will respond any better?

Oh, and speaking of bullies…

Joe Biden was definitely out of line and in “fuck it” mode when he hinted at physically assaulting Trump behind a gym because I guess we’re all middle schoolers now. And Sassy Trump ain’t havin’ it.

If this is the nuanced rhetoric paving the way for a Trump presidency then it’s gonna be a very long four years. But at least it’s gonna be sassy.

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