San Bernadino Karen


Video shows white woman going on racist rant after Black man momentarily parks in ‘her spot’

She called the police on him for parking in ‘her spot’ while picking up his sons.


Moises Mendez II

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A woman in San Bernardino, California was caught on video spewing racial slurs at a young Black man for parking in “her spot” while picking up his two sons.

He posted the entire 10-minute encounter to his Instagram account, including his conversation with an officer after she called the authorities on him. The comments praise him for his calm demeanor and ability to keep his composure throughout the entire video. Some people gave the woman the nickname “Karen,” or a moniker that social media users give white women when they act racist or privileged.

At the beginning of the video, you can hear the “Karen” asking him what he was doing at the apartment complex. She thought he was there to “get some ass,” and he corrects her telling her that wasn’t true. He was picking up his two sons from his aunt’s house and began to fix the car seats for them when the “Karen” parked behind his car, prohibiting him from leaving.

He again tries to reason with her and ask her why she’s acting like this. Before he started recording, he says she called him the N-word.

“So? I’ve got a constitutional right to freedom of speech. I’m an American and proud of it,” she says in the video. “I don’t have to leave America to go to Africa like you guys have to leave Africa to come to America.”

She continues on with her racist tirade and does not back down the entire video. The woman even calls the authorities to come in and speak with the man. Even the officer seems taken aback by the woman’s comments.

Supporters sounded off in the comments section.

“This saddens and angers me, but the way you conducted yourself elevates me. I pity that woman. She is a broken person,” one person wrote. “It seems that there are more out there these days than I remember, but THEY are the minority. Peace be with you and your family!”

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