Ryan Gosling imposter stuns major German awards show

A Ryan Gosling imposter took home a special award at the 2017 Golden Camera Awards that was intended for the La La Land actor.

The elaborate prank made for some must-see TV, especially considering how the presenter hyped up Gosling’s appearance, saying in German, “Men hold onto your wives, and wives hold onto your men. Here is the one and only Ryan Gosling.” Except it’s not the one—and apparently not the only. The look on Nicole Kidman’s face during the imposter’s brief acceptance speech makes it all worth it.

The lookalike is actually just a pawn in the prank. The real legwork was done by two German comedians, Joachim ‘Joko’ Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, who star in a prank show that’s popular in the country, Joko vs. Klaas —The Battle Around the World. They created a fake talent agency and somehow convinced the show’s producer that Ryan Gosling would be in attendance and to create a special award for him to accept. There’s just one catch: They said he suffers from severe social anxiety and would need to skip the red carpet and refrain from sitting in the audience. So the first time anyone really saw the imposter was during the big reveal.

Joke and Klaas made a lengthy behind-the-scenes video that tracks the entire hoax.

Part 2 tackles the immediate aftermath of the prank.

That was not even close to being the most awkward thing that happened at the awards show, though. See how long you can make it through this clip without cringing.

You can see the exact moment Colin Farrell questions what the hell he’s doing with his life.

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Austin Powell

Austin Powell

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