Reddit Gifts: Why giving presents to internet strangers is so much fun

'Tis better to give ... to online strangers.

Dec 22, 2020, 8:47 am*

Internet Culture


Matt Silverman

If you’d like the brighten the day of an internet stranger, look no further than Reddit Gifts, the yearly online celebration where more than 100,000 Secret Santas swap gifts around the world.

On this week’s episode of 2 GIRLS 1 PODCAST, Alli and Jen talk with Janet, a redditor who has swapped 19 gifts with strangers over the course of her Secret Santa sleuthing.

Janet shares the excitement of shopping for (and online stalking!) strangers, the fun of receiving great gifts, some life-changing stories from the community, and what happens when you get matched with Bill Gates or Best Buy as your Secret Santa.

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*First Published: Dec 21, 2020, 12:58 pm