record scratching on turntables

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A meme so good and simple, a bot can do it.

It’s a TV cliché that became a huge internet meme: the music abruptly stops, the scene around the lead actor comes to a halt, and he begins talking to the audience: *record scratch* *freeze frame* “Yep. That’s me. You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.” It’s so formulaic, a Twitter bot could do it. In fact, a Twitter bot is doing it.

Freeze Frame Bot, created by Brian Moore, has automated the process of making *record scratch* *freeze frame* jokes. It drops five new ones every day. 

The bot grabs random YouTube videos, lets them run for a few seconds, and then hits them with the freeze frame, zooming in on whoever (or whatever) is in the center of the frame. Moore even added the classic “Yup, that’s me…” voiceover. 

Not all of them are funny, but when serendipity strikes and the bot gets something good to work with, it really works: 

Freeze Frame Bot is just the latest good Twitter project from Moore, who’s responsible for the bot that overlays the golden ratio on random images:

He’s also the mastermind behind Thoughts and Prayers: The Game, a clever commentary on mass shootings in America.

*freeze frame* *record scratch* I’m not sure how Moore found himself in this situation, but we’re lucky to have him.

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