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Courageous raccoon steals a donut and our hearts

It has not yet been charged for burglary.


Gabe Bergado

Internet Culture

Raccoons are kings of trash and gladly wear the title. They have no problem rummaging through dumpsters for cold McDonald’s fries or Olive Garden leftovers, because one human’s garbage is every raccoon’s treasure. 

But once in a blue moon, when the opportunity arises, a raccoon will indulge itself in the true junk food—taking it right off the shelf, no less. For instance, check out this sly critter who was seen swiping a donut

Peter J posted a video of the raccoon’s pastry heist, and we can’t decide what’s better: The beast’s unwavering determination to secure something so sweet or the grand escape afterward. It truly is a sight to behold, this majestic filth mammal grabbing its hard-earned donut and splitting.

We really hope it comes back for more. 

Screenshot via Peter J/YouTube

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