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There should be a storybook about this.

For many freshman, college is their first experience spending an extended period of time away from home. Sometimes, they are thousands of miles away from anyone they know and love, in totally alien surroundings, trying to make sense of things while recovering from their first hangovers. Who wouldn’t get a little homesick?

So when residence advisor Quamir Boddie handed out a form asking dorm residents if there was anything he could do to make their stay at the University of Tennessee a little better, 19-year-old Andrew Kochamba had an answer. He would like a bedtime story on his birthday, please and thank you. Much to everyone’s surprise, Boddie showed up months later on Kochamba’s birthday with a copy of Leo the Late Bloomer.

Boddie told BuzzFeed that he thought the request was “kind of strange” but decided he should honor it anyway.

“He read it all upside down so I could see all the pictures.” Kochamba said. “It was impressive.” 

Naturally, the internet fell in love with the pair and his tweet has already been liked almost 60,000 times. 

It turns out Boddie is a man of many talents. 

And it seems his singing did in fact land him in the hospital, where he recorded this message for all his new fans.

As one person predicted, there was no way this wasn’t going to become a meme.

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David Britton

David Britton

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