The Queen of England just sent her first tweet

This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for: Queen Elizabeth II, Head of the Commonwealth and Supreme Governor of the Church of England, just sent her first tweet. The British head of state posted a 136-character message on the social networking platform marking the commencement of a new exhibition at the London Science Museum. Appropriately enough, the exhibition traces the history of technology and communication

The Queen doesn’t have her own Twitter account. Instead, she made use of the @BritishMonarchy account that has already sent more than 19,000 Tweets.

Her Majesty’s communiqué was immediately followed by another message confirming that the queen had indeed typed the Tweet herself.

A photo of this historic message has also been posted.

The Science Museum immediately thanked Her Majesty for the kind words.

The immediate response from some in the Twittersphere, however, was less kind.

Internet, never change.

Illustration by Jason Reed

Rob Price

Rob Price

Rob Price is a technology and politics reporter who served as the U.K.-based morning editor for the Daily Dot until 2014. He now works as the news editor for Business Insider, and his work has appeared in Vice, Slate, the Washington Post, and the Independent.