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How to pre-order the Nintendo Switch right now

Quantities will be limited, but here’s where you can grab a console before March 3.


AJ Moser

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With all the new details revealed about the Nintendo Switch last night, players are left with one big question:

“How can I get one?”

Pre-orders are supposedly going live in Japan on January 27, but some retailers started offering preorders late last night. Walmart was the first to sell the console, but it quickly went out of stock. Best Buy followed suit, offering launch day delivery or in-store pickup. Below you’ll find some pages you will want to monitor if you’re desperate to get your hands on the Nintendo Switch for release date. 

How to pre-order Nintendo Switch

  • Amazon: The console is now back in stock on this page. Listings are also up for a few accessories and games. 
  • GameStop: There’s a more comprehensive page up, featuring nearly every announced accessory and add-on, as well as bundles with the console and multiple launch games, including The Legend of Zelda. The more expensive bundles are still available, but the standard console appears to be out of stock for now. 
  • Target: Target has both the neon and gray consoles listed on their website, but in-store pickup isn’t available yet. The neon version of the console appears to be sold out for now, but the gray version is listed as available. 
  • Walmart: The console is listed as out of stock, but there is an email sign-up so you can be notified when it’s available again. 

When Nintendo Switch launches on March 3, the system will come with two Joy Con controllers, a Grip controller, chargers and an HDMI cable.

The story is updated frequently as new information becomes available. 

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