Gorgeous Pomeranian-husky pup is having more fun than you

fox dog pomeranian husky mix mya

Screengrab via myathepomsky/Instagram April Siese

Like a Firefox come to life.

The Internet fell in love with a majestic pooch this week named Mya, a Pomeranian-husky mix reminiscent of a Pokémon crossed with the Firefox logo.

Mya’s owners have been incredibly flattered by the attention, marveling at their pet’s viral fame on Instagram.

Try not to think about the downright confounding logistical hoops you’d have to jump through to get a dinky Pomeranian and an overbearing husky to get busy. The real story (besides Mya’s ridiculously good looks) here is what this pup’s been up to since she first graced Instagram last spring.

Beach days 🌊🐶🌴☀️

A photo posted by Mya The Pomsky (@myathepomsky) on

Mya’s probably gone to more exotic locations than you. She’s undoubtedly got more “no drama” friends than you. Hell, she even drinks better than most humans.

(Sorry, this embed was not found.)

Well, maybe not the Jack Daniels.

Still, thousands of admirers have clamored to Mya’s Instagram since she first graced Reddit and vaulted to viral fame. Shine on, you gorgeous hybrid.

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