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Screengrab via Sam Pearson/Twitter

Life got too real for this shocked capybara on ‘Planet Earth II’



April Siese

Internet Culture

BBC’s acclaimed David Attenborough-narrated docuseries Planet Earth II shook viewers to their core on Sunday night. The show’s third episode, which explored the stunning beauty of jungles, included a dramatic predator scene featuring a jaguar chomping down on a caiman. And this capybara bore witness.

The world’s largest rodent now joins brethren like pizza rat and all the viral hoax rats out there in becoming a meme. In one iconic frame, the capybara channeled our emotions and won our hearts.

But what about the capybara? Is online fame enough to overshadow and ultimately defeat his terror? Jaguars eat the fuck out of capybaras. That caiman could’ve been him.
People are calling for capybara emoji and merchandise. I say we call up an animal therapist. Poor lil rodent saw a life extinguished and his own existence flash before his eyes. At the least, he needs a hug.

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