Fan interrupts PGA Tour, takes a savage dive into the water


Sports fans running on the field during play is oftentimes a welcome distraction from the game at hand. 

Mostly, because if you run onto a football field, you’re probably going to get decimated, which is always fun to watch if you’re not physically involved. But it’s also because a lone dude running scattershot on a field where professionals play can galvanize the crowd and give the fans a hero they can root for to escape punishment by his would-be captors.

This phenomenon happens at baseball games. It happens at soccer matches. And it almost happened last Friday at the PGA Tour’s Farmer Insurance Open.

Watch the aftermath of this dude invading the golf course and then peeling off his shoes. Will this golfing guerrilla go gently into that good night and allow himself to be hauled away by the oppressive security forces who are forced to keep the lush greens free of the riffraff? Of course not. No, this dude is going for a swim.

The man who shot the video is PGA Tour golfer Harold Varner III, who apparently was so bored by the sport that he felt compelled to pull out his cell phone and record the most exciting thing that’s happened to golf since Tiger Woods and Shooter McGavin took a selfie together.  

It’s unfortunate the water-logged hero ultimately didn’t make his escape. But the epic faceplant he gave to us will live forever in golfing infamy.

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Josh Katzowitz

Josh Katzowitz

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