This Broncos fan runs on field, gets decimated by security


Sometimes fans running on the field during sporting events are clever enough or fast enough to get away from the security guards who only want to catch the intruder and escort him away from the action.

But sometimes, fans get decimated by overambitious security personnel. Like, this dude who ran onto the field during the ChiefsBroncos game Sunday night and almost immediately got planted into the ground by a dude named Tyler.

Marvel at the guard’s initiative and his tackling form.

Notice the cheers from the crowd after the guard got his man. Even Kansas City cornerback Marcus Peters was pumped by the guard’s impressive stop.

The Chiefs beat the Broncos 33-10 on Sunday to knock Denver out of NFL playoff contention. But clearly the biggest winner of the night was Tyler, the Arrowhead Stadium security staff, and fans who got to witness the most exciting hit of the night.

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Josh Katzowitz

Josh Katzowitz

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