Screenshots via @kaylyn_davis/Twitter ( Screengrab via The White House Screengrab via Kendall Jenner/YouTube

Sean Spicer! Pepsi! United! Tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet.


Man, fuck it.

If you need some witty convoluted explanation as to how we got to this point as a society you’ve come to the absolute wrong place. You get what this is. Some shit happened and everyone made fun of it. Then some other shit happened and some people were like, “bet that other shit is happy that shit happened.” Then some other shit happened, and like four people made three good tweets —then 300,000 other people made the exact same tweet.


Those were some acceptable fine tweets about some current events.

Now here is the same joke approximately 50,000 times over. (Even I made the same dumb tweet, and it sucked.)

Here, would you like to be bored to actual psychical death by the derivative nature of humanity? Click away.

Me? I’m about to go drink myself to death.

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