These Pepsi ad parodies are far superior to the original

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In case you missed it, Pepsi released a new long-form commercial where Kendall Jenner solves all the country’s problems by handing a sexy police officer a soda.

To say the least, people were not thrilled with the ads confusing mix of messages, which seem to include:

  • Block parties and protest are pretty much indistinguishable
  • Rich, hot, white ladies are the only hope to heal our broken nation
  • Buy more Pepsi

Pepsi pulled the ad as this article was being written, although it’s currently still available on Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s YouTube page. For how long is anyone’s guess.

Well if nothing else we got some good tweets out of it. Starting with this gem:

And they just kept coming.

Patton Oswalt also chimed in with a few ideas for Pepsi.

There’s even already a parody version of the commercial which is far superior to the original.

One thing for sure, you’d never see Coca-Cola engaging in this type of shameful co-opting of counterculture for financial gain.

I mean except for that one time.

David Britton

David Britton

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