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TikTokers are disgusted by the pee bottles in this viral room cleanup video



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A viral TikTok involving a bedroom full of pee bottles is turning heads and churning stomachs.

The TikTok, shared by @collroy—a joint account operated by Colleen and her boyfriend, Roy—shows Colleen cleaning a room in her parents’ home. As the video begins, Colleen explains via caption that she recently left for college. When she did, her sister upgraded from her basement room and took Colleen’s old room.

This left Colleen with the basement, which her sister failed to clean before switching rooms. And this girl was messy. The space left to Colleen is an utter disaster, with dirty clothes, sheets, and trash strewn everywhere.

Most notably, Colleen finds a number of discarded water bottles in the room. Far from being empty, though, these bottles appear to have been filled with perhaps the worst imaginable substance: urine.


That’s right: Pee bottles. Colleen finds dozens of pee bottles scattered throughout the room: under the bed, hidden in corners, tucked into filthy drawers. There are pee bottles everywhere, and TikTokers were left aghast by the revolting video.

Colleen, to her credit, is a trooper. She cleans the room top to bottom, discarding pee bottles as she goes. By the time she finishes, the basement is a charming living space, complete with spotless furniture and a deep-cleaned carpet. And no pee bottles as far as the eye can see.

Colleen’s original pee bottle video has collected more than 18,000 comments, 1.3 million likes, and 6.6 million total views on TikTok. Many commenters requested a follow-up addressing their burning questions. At the forefront of everyone’s minds: Why—why, God, why—is her sister peeing into bottles and stowing them in her room?

Colleen graciously addresses this question in a follow-up video that has received over 1.2 million views. Apparently, the pee bottles didn’t belong to her sister. They belonged to her sister’s boyfriend, who is evidently the laziest human on the planet. Colleen says she isn’t sure why her sister’s boyfriend couldn’t walk a few steps to reach the bathroom, which she shows is right at the top of the basement stairs. It is not a daunting distance by any means.


Colleen also reveals her old room, now overtaken by her sister and her pee-bottle boyfriend, in the follow-up video. It is, as expected, a horrid mess. The space is likewise littered with clothes and discarded items, though no pee bottles are prominently displayed.

Commenters expressed their confusion and disgust in the comment sections for both videos.


“Don’t be shy, put your sister down,” another user quipped on the original video.

Commenters on the follow-up were just as harsh.

“No more boyfriend over till he is potty trained,” user Kenny Shellenbarger wrote.

Another user expressed a sentiment likely shared by millions of viewers: “Throw away the whole boyfriend.”

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