Papaw, the sad grandfather who made hamburgers, is actually doing OK

Papaw goes through all the trouble of making a dozen burgers for his half-dozen grandkids, and what happens? Only Kelsey shows up. She is the good one who likes hamburgers. The rest of those kids are ungrateful deadbeats. 

Many people saw Good Kelsey’s crying emoji and empathized with Hamburger Papaw’s plight. Eighty thousand of them retweeted the photo of Papaw eating one of his dozen burgers, and 140,000 clicked “heart.” 

They love Papaw. Perhaps he reminds them of their own Papaws, whom they don’t call as much as they feel they should. But don’t cry for Papaw. He is doing OK! He has hamburgers, and he has Kelsey, who explained to New York Magazine that it’s hard to get all the grandkids together in one place

Of course Kelsey wouldn’t throw her cousins under the bus. Kelsey has a good heart. She loves Papaw, and she loves burgers. 

And now that everyone is concerned about Papaw, here comes his grandson, Brock. Brock also loves (or pretends to love) a fine hamburg sandwich.

You are a good boy, Brock. You did the right thing and everyone is proud. 

H/T New York Magazine | Photo via Kelsey Harmon/Twitter

Jay Hathaway

Jay Hathaway

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