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‘SPEAK ON IT SIS’: Why are there so many family reunions at Panera Bread?

‘Every time i walk in there’s 3 reunions happening and i’m wearing what i slept in the night before.’


Audra Schroeder

Internet Culture

Have you noticed an epidemic of families having reunions at Panera Bread? You’re not alone.

In a viral TikTok from last month, creator Big Mist (@iamjmistbackup) asked an important question: “Why every time I come to Panera Bread everybody and they long-lost grandma wanna come reunite?” She adds that she “can’t even find a parking spot” anymore, even though she jests that she’s the “founder.”

The TikTok has more than 300,000 views, and the top comment offers some insight, but no real answers: “I’ve had 2 serious reunions at Panera Bread.” Someone else commented on how customers are “always in there having meetings taken up tables too.” Panera is also apparently popular with the post-church crowd.

The chain’s official account swooped into the comments with: “Panera Bread: reuniting families since 1987,” followed by a breadstick emoji.


Annoying fr !! Im a founding father of Panera bread

♬ original sound – Big Mist 💰

There aren’t many other TikToks about this specific topic, so we reached out to Panera Bread for comment.

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