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Timeline needs more time
Facebook's new timeline feature is being delayed due to a lawsuit. 
Pinterest draws interest
Making photo-sharing as easy as pinning a photo on a bulletin board is sparking the growth of a new community.
The absurdist Twitter stylings of @horse_ebooks
A bot that spams Twitter with random text has gained a cult following.
The Onion’s hostage satire spawns outrage on Twitter
The satirical news site The Onion finds child hostages are no laughing mattter.
Delicious leaves a bitter taste
YouTube creators redesign Delicious and put out a beta. Not everyone is pleased.
13 candles mark Google’s teen angst
Google got its start in 1998. Do you remember life before Googling?
@myspaceT0m smacks MySpace Tom
A parody account has Twitter laughing with—and about—MySpace cofounder Tom Anderson.
Missing digits lead to massive outpouring
A photography enthusiast's accident left him missing parts of five fingers -- and promted an outpouring of love from friends and strangers.
Has Google gone to the dogs?
Google doesn't just allow dogs in the office—it declares itself a "dog company." Take that, cats!
Big changes at Facebook
Facebook goes through more changes. People have mixed reactions.
The future of Facebook: Share all the things!
Soon, there will be no such thing as oversharing.
Pay to play on Etsy
Etsy today announced that sellers can now buy ad space to get their stuff noticed. 
Faster Facebook frustrates fans
Scrolling real-time updates annoy many of the social network's users.
NOPE man now says THANKS!
It really is Chuck Testa, the NOPE man tells us in a new thank you video.
Talk Like a Pirate Day goes corporate
Will Talk Like a Pirate Day still be fun now that business has taken it over?
Just another viral video? NOPE! It’s an exclusive interview with Chuck Testa
Even if you're not interested in stuffed dead animals, you'll love this commercial hit.
Is Twitter like high school?
Ever wondered what would happen if Twitter was just like high school? If you have, you might have been tweeting about it today.
The objects of our affections
Connecting with others isn't without its trials, as cam girls, Tiffany Shlain, and the Best Roommate Ever show.