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Google brings YouTube and Google+ closer
The search giant adds some YouTube features to its social network. How close is too close, though?
Captcha gets caught short
A team of scientists at Stanford Univeristy develop a program that can foil the system used to differentiate spammers and humans.
Porn pusher patiently pummels Reddit without panache
Hidden link-sharing networks on Reddit are pushing porn in an attempt to gain traffic—to little if any effect.
Redditors rage about Wikileaks founder’s extradition
A court is sending Julian Assange to Sweden to face trial on rape charges, prompting furious debate on the social news site.
Reddit prepares for Secret Santa
This year, all social news site Reddit wants for Christmas is a Guinness World Record.
This ode may be too much—even for Reddit
Someone writes an Ode to Reddit and everyone loves it. Except those who hate it.
As Facebook hits snooze, Twitter develops new timeline feature
The two leading social network sites are racing to implement new timeline features. 
Exclusive: Reddit hit 1.8 billion pageviews in 30 days
The social news site's traffic has nearly doubled in nine months.
Don’t buy those Google-Yahoo rumors
Google buying Yahoo? Never mind the reporting—people on Twitter are chattering about stories they didn't seem to actually read.
Google cofounder topples Mark Zuckerberg as most followed on Google+
Google+ users have spoken: Larry Page is finally more popular than Mark Zuckerberg.
Week in Reddit: Kindness, art and learning, for a change
Reddit had a pretty good week, helping out a gay teen, other members,  strangers, and clearing the way for a Reddit-to-riches movie deal.
Facebook timeline feature delayed, again
Users who prefer their old profile over the promised "Timeline"—which Facebook promises will one day become standard—appear to have gotten another stay of execution.
Seeing things online is not always easy
The Web was supposed to be more accessible by now for people with visual impairments, but there are still many challenges to overcome. 
Solving Google+’s identity crisis
  After drawing serious online opposition, Google+ announced yesterday that it will soon allow pseudonymous user names.
Chime.in does it all—is it just too much?
Upstart social network Chime.in has big goals, and some big names—is it all too much?
Inside Reddit’s big redesign
The social news site hasn't changed its look in years. Now casual visitors will get a glimpse of far more content.
Facebook users don’t care so much about privacy
A new poll by USA Today/Gallup says regular Facebook users don't really care that much about privacy. 
Stretching the Canvas: Dennis Ritchie, Steve Jobs, and too many cats
This week on Canvas—a new social-media platform from 4chan creator Christopher Poole—featured a smörgåsbord of cat memes, Steve Jobs references, and original illustrations.