Otter munching on lettuce makes us want to order salad for once

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otter eats lettuce

Photo via Steve Slocomb/Flickr

Look at this lil’ guy.

What’s the best way to turn your salad from drab to adorable? Let your pet otter take a munch.

A clip of the pet chowing down some leafy greens has been making the rounds, but here’s the OG video. Watch the furry critter use his lil’ hands to claw the veggies into his mouth. 

It’s adorable. Please love him.


A video posted by ayako🇯🇵 (@ponchan918) on

You can check out more videos of this hungry mammal doing more otter things, like holding its human’s hand and eating other food, at @poncayan‘s Instagram

We just warn of cuteness overload. 

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