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A woman claimed her husband shielded his eyes from certain scenes in ‘Oppenheimer’

Oppenheimer’s intimate scenes sparked another debate thanks to this viral TikTok, which detractors labeled prudish and absurd.


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Sex scene discourse just reached a whole new level, thanks to a TikTok from a woman advising viewers to “have a plan and talk about it” before watching Oppenheimer.

Why? Because the movie includes sex scenes, which could be triggering to men struggling with “porn addiction.”

The original video was posted by TikToker @thatsnotlove, who specializes in content about infidelity and porn addiction, offering paid advice phone calls on these topics. She removed this TikTok from her main account after it went viral on X, reviving the ongoing debate around sex scenes in mainstream movies.

In the TikTok, @thatsnotlove claims that she and her husband have a conversation about sexual content before watching any movie, concert, or other piece of media.

They knew in advance that Oppenheimer included a sex scene, but she was surprised to realize the scene was broken up into several pieces. This made it harder for her husband to handle in their pre-arranged manner.

“When the scene came up, when things were happening,” she explains. “He literally closed his eyes and laid his head on my shoulder.”

This sparked a derisive response on X—both from film buffs and from Barstool Sports readers, who reportedly started harassing the TikToker.


What does ‘porn addiction’ have to do with Oppenheimer?

There’s a lot of debate about whether porn addiction is a real thing. And these differing opinions have more to do with religion and politics than medical diagnoses.

Some psychologists argue that the concept of porn addicton is rooted in conservative attitudes to sex, creating a sense of extreme guilt and shame around consuming pornography. Research suggests that conservative religious beliefs may lead people to label themselves porn addicts, seeking treatment for behavior that more liberal individuals would view as normal and harmless.

In turn, this overlaps with the discourse around sex scenes. Some filmgoers vocally oppose seeing sex onscreen, while others argue this attitude is prudish and immature.

As is often the case with TikToks that go viral on X, this Oppenheimer post sparked backlash because it spread beyond its target audience. @thatsnotlove usually shares her advice with like-minded viewers, who would presumably welcome the idea of covering your eyes during Oppenheimer‘s sex scenes. But this idea earned a very different reception on Film Twitter.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @thatsnotlove via TikTok comment.

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