al pacino oscars oppenheimer

Al Pacino read the winner for the Best Picture Oscar in the most anti-climactic way imaginable—and yes, it’s now a meme

“My eyes see Oppenheimer.”

On by Allie Hayes

Peloton coach called out by Christopher Nolan for hating 'Tenet' responds

‘It was a dark time’: Christopher Nolan calls out Peloton instructor for bashing ‘Tenet.’ This is her response

‘Listen, it was 2020.’

On by Audra Schroeder

What is the disappointed Cillian Murphy meme?

What is the Disappointed Cillian Murphy meme?

‘I’ve never met Cillian but I feel I’ve failed him in some way.’

On by Phil West

Stop trying to make Barbenheimer happen

Your attempt to make Barbenheimer happen again won’t work

The latest attempt to replicate Barbenheimer? Exorswift.

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Logan Paul says he walked out of 'Oppenheimer' because 'it's all exposition'

Logan Paul says he walked out of ‘Oppenheimer’ because ‘it’s all exposition’

Logan Paul is being mocked for his take on ‘Oppenheimer,’ which he complained involved too much talking.

On by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Woman wearing hoodie; Oppenheimer trailer or movie. TV with remote control and popcorn bowl.

A woman claimed her husband shielded his eyes from certain scenes in ‘Oppenheimer’

Oppenheimer’s intimate scenes sparked another debate thanks to this viral TikTok, which detractors labeled prudish and absurd.

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George Chidi in train (l) Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer in Oppenheimer

‘One of the greatest spectacles of my life’: Atlanta grand jury witness in Trump case who had 11pm ticket to Oppenheimer made it, loved it

He only missed a few scenes.

On by Marlon Ettinger

May 27, 2001 View of the Twin Towers and Marriott Hotel

‘The pink mushroom cloud isn’t just a pink mushroom cloud’: Japanese users fed up with ‘Barbenheimer’ hype are making 9/11 memes

‘Less about boycotting these movies and more about demonstrating their anger.’

On by Kristine Villarroel

Florence Pugh looking at the camera and crying in the movie Oppenheimer. She plays Jean Tatlock.

What ‘Oppenheimer’ left out about Jean Tatlock

Many details about her life are not shown in the Christopher Nolan film.

On by Michael Boyle

woman using phone in movie theatre

Barbenheimer brought out the rude theatergoers—and everyone noticed

During the Barbenheimer craze, people were filming and taking photos of both films, sometimes with the flash on.

On by Tiffany Kelly

(l-r) margot robbie, alexandra shipp, michael cera, ariana greenblatt, and america ferrera in barbie

Here are the 12 best ‘Barbie’ memes

From ‘Kenough’ to ‘Crying Barbie,’ there’s a meme for everyone.

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Oppenheimer memes: Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer in Oppenheimer

The best ‘Oppenheimer’ memes on the internet

Bizarrely, this serious historical drama is one of the hottest meme films of 2023.

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Joe Biden speaking in front of blurry flags background (l) Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer in Oppenheimer (r)

‘Without a doubt, he fell asleep’: Biden terse review of ‘Oppenheimer’ prompts speculation he passed out during it

He had three words to say.

On by Andrea Guzman

Margot Robbie as Barbie in Barbie (l) Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer in Oppenheimer (r)

Opinion: Let’s bring back the double feature

In favor of watching two movies in theaters back-to-back again.

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young woman walking on street with caption 'Oppenheimer explained for the girls'

‘Oppenheimer explained for the girls’ TikTok is sparking discourse about sexist stereotypes

People love to hate this stereotypically girly ‘Oppenheimer’ explainer.

On by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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