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Dot Rising: Your November 2022 horoscope starring Mars and Saturn

We’re in for a month of subtle changes.


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Posted on Nov 11, 2022   Updated on Nov 10, 2022, 3:51 pm CST

This year’s eclipse-filled Scorpio season is moving right along, folks. After recent directional shifts from Saturn (which went direct on Oct. 23) and Mars (which went retrograde on Oct. 30), we’re in for a month of subtle changes.

Read on to learn how these heavy-hitting planets will color your coming weeks. And remember: Despite their challenging lessons, Saturn and Mars really do have your back.

Note: We recommend reading the horoscope for your rising sign. You can think of this sign as your chart’s compass or “true north.” As the focal point of your astrological blueprint, it represents the ever-present energy within you that sets the tone for the life you’re destined to lead.

Need help finding yours? We got you.

These horoscopes are meant to add fun and color to your month. Take what feels good to you, and leave what doesn’t.


It’s chill! It’s cool. Things are fine. Deep-seated revelations and moods are changing by the hour—but it’s FINE. 

As Saturn goes direct in your Fourth House and your chart ruler, Mars, retrogrades in the depths of your Eighth, you’ve likely been realizing things lately. Notice the dots connecting about…

  • Feeling your feelings
  • Relationship triggers and attachment styles
  • Deep-rooted shame and/or grief
  • Family systems and their effect on your development

Buckle up because themes like these will be addressed this month in one way or another. You’re no stranger to diving deep; after all, Saturn’s been triggering massive growth in these areas of your life since 2020. At this point, you’re a pro, so ride the waves like one. You feel a renewed chapter of lightness coming. The only way toward it is through.


When it comes to relationships, this month will feel a lot like exposure therapy, Sags. With Mars retrograding through your Seventh House of relationships, long-forgotten emotional triggers may be set off by simply existing in connection with those around you.

Allow your kneejerk reactions during conflict to serve as gentle markers of muscles that need to be soothed or strengthened. Like any other skill in life, emotional and relational maturity takes practice. Remember that setbacks with those you love are not a sign of failure but an opportunity to grow stronger together. No healthy relationship is possible without rupture and repair.


Mars retrograding in your Sixth House of day-to-day activity will likely flip the switch on productivity this month—if it hasn’t already. With Saturn going direct in your contemplative Second House, it’s a great time to take stock of what’s more valuable to you in the long run: doing it all or doing a lot while still feeling healthy and rested.

Check out tips from physician and author Dr. Saundra Dalton Smith in the tweet linked above. Implementing just a few new responsible practices each week can do wonders for your state of mind.


Saturn in Aquarius has been dishing out hard-hitting lesson after lesson in your First House of self since 2020, so you’re well aware that every aspect of your life is in a period of progress and cocoon-like growth. November’s planetary shifts will keep their foot on the gas—especially when it comes to love.

“Talk gently with your heart” may be most the most important mantra to keep in mind in the coming weeks. Past fears and/or emotional blockages around intimacy will rear their head, but don’t allow their reemergence to steer you off course. Address them and move forward accordingly. You are well-equipped to recognize what serves your highest self and what does not.


Be gentle with yourself this month, Pisces. As Mars retrogrades through your Fourth House of emotions and family matters, you may be triggered by memories or events you thought you already “got over.” Saturn’s presence in your 12th House will stir up unaddressed grief within your psyche—whether it’s for people, places, or a stage of life you’re no longer in. 

You’ll be feeling it all. If you reach points of overwhelming, tend to yourself as if you were taking care of your inner child. Gift yourself the compassion and understanding you so effortlessly share with others. This storm, too, shall pass.


November welcomes considerable contemplation of your goals and responsibilities along with a reevaluation of who and what you’re committed to. With Saturn staking a forward-facing claim in your 11th House, you’re likely considering major life moves. Think joint ventures like vows, house-hunting, or starting a family. You know, the big stuff.

Big decisions require big-time thought, so allow yourself the time to take a bird’s eye view this month. Are you committing to what’s best for your long-term growth? Are the people around you up for the ride? Now’s your time to take stock.


Ding ding ding! Has it clicked yet, Taurus? Have you looked at your hard-earned progress and realized who really made it happen? If not, we’ll help you get to it, babe.

Saturn’s renewed sense of direction brings notable achievements and momentum in your 10th House of public success. None of it possible, it must be said, without the months of groundwork you laid to get here. Your goals and visions were achieved with the help of others but not because of others.

It was you who made the choice to do the work, and as Mars takes a second pass through your Second House of self-esteem, it’s worth taking note.


Your broader outlook on life has changed vastly as Saturn laid down unexpected roots in your adventurous Ninth House these last two years, shifting energy levels and challenging priorities on what’s important for growth: stillness or expansion? Where there was once unbridled enthusiasm may now be cautionary wisdom.

This month, while Mars retrogrades in your First House of self, reflect on how life’s unforeseen circumstances have come to strengthen your emotional resilience. Put words on paper addressing what you’ve learned about living a meaningful life. Your wisdom is meant to be shared.


You’re likely entering new eras of intimacy this month, Cancer, whether in your relationship with yourself or with another. As Saturn goes direct in your Eighth House, and Mars subconsciously stirs up stagnant emotions in your 12th, addressing your shadows will unlock the joy and ease that come with radical acceptance. 

Don’t let the memories of past hurt block your path to a fuller, freer sense of love in your life. Trust is needed to take any leap of faith. There’s a lot of magic to believe in this month if you let it in.


As Mars retrogrades in your 11th House of longterm goals and Saturn moves forward in your Seventh House of partnerships, it’s a great time to get specific about how you’ve grown from experience in relationships—and whether or not there’s more work to be done.

You know by now that healthy relationships aren’t fairy tales, as psychologist and author Nicole LePera writes. Saturn’s two-year stronghold in this area of your life has provided you with PLENTY of lessons on what it takes for a connection to truly last. Through it all, you’ve matured in more ways than you realize.

Take stock of how far you come and take time to consider whether your current relationships are built to last. If not, what relational skills can be addressed?


For the past two years, Saturn in your Sixth House has taught you the art of the daily grind. Working hard to strike the balance between giving your all and over-giving at work, you’ve set boundaries and met challenges with patience and well-deserved success. Backed by fiery, motivated Mars in your 10th House of careers, you’ve paved an impressive path of professional achievement.

This month, apply that energy and discipline to your own life. Flow with the changing tides of Mars and Saturn and shift your focus to new daily routines catered to your mental, physical, and emotional health. 

From morning routines to weeknight wind-downs, the smallest rituals can make a big difference. Trust that joy can be found in the everyday—and know that it’s up to you to build the foundation for it.


The world has certainly weighed heavy on you in recent weeks, Libra, and while life’s looming issues won’t magically disappear, this month’s planetary shifts will ring in a welcomed opportunity to soak in life’s simple pleasures.

As Mars in Gemini retrogrades in your Ninth House of expansion and Saturn gets serious in your Fifth House of creativity, a renewed sense of wonder will arise out of playful curiosity. Take the opportunity to explore new outlooks and paths less traveled, even if they’re in your hometown. The signs you’re searching for will appear in the most unsuspecting of places.

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*First Published: Nov 11, 2022, 6:00 am CST