Woman uses Nike+ app to get in shape and draw penises all over San Francisco

This article contains sexually explicit material that may be NSFW.

Using fitness-tracking apps like Strava or Nike+ to make quirky art or write inspiring messages is not a new phenomenon. But one artistically inclined runner who’s started drawing with fitness-tracking apps is taking the game to the next level.

Claire Wycoff, a runner from San Francisco, is using Nike+ to draw whimsical images, which she’s putting up on Tumblr. Although some of the drawings on her blog are SFW—there’s Slimer from Ghostbusters, for instance, as well as a drawing of a corgi and a pretty stellar one of a Mennonite—most of them are variations on the same theme, in the same vein as Picasso’s Blue Period or Monet’s weird thing with flowers: Yes, I’m talking about dicks. 

There are small dicks. There are bigger dicks. There are Game of Thrones antagonist dicks. And much like dicks IRL, they are all unique and beautiful in their own way. Here’s a brief sampling:

Space Dick

Gandalf Hat Dick

Theon Greyjoy Dick

Terrifying Barbed Dick


Unfortunately, that last one looks a little more like a medieval torture device than a phallus, but hey, even Picasso couldn’t paint Guernica all the time.

H/T Uproxx | Photo via Running Drawing/Tumblr

EJ Dickson

EJ Dickson

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