Man Bun Ken Doll is getting a meme makeover

Yesterday, the iconic Ken Doll got a 2017 refurbishment, an effort by Mattel to bring the doll into the mainstream. Out was the classic, 1950 country club look, and in was something more resembling the dudes you find swiping on Tinder. The new Ken Doll got a meme makeover to match.

ken doll memes Screengrab via Kate H. Taylor/Twitter

Man Bun Ken especially struck a chord. Almost immediately after he debuted, he earned comparisons to Bernie bros, vape kings, and fuccbois all over Brooklyn.

Man Bun Ken wasn’t the only one the internet had thoughts about, however. The new blonde Ken, Twitter supposed, may have had a little alt-right in him.

Really, though, none of them were above reproach.

new ken doll man bun memes Screengrab via Amanda Deibert/Twitter

Really, what did Mattel expect would happen?

David Covucci

David Covucci

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