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#NationalNutMonth isn’t going exactly as planned

‘Nut’ means something else on the internet.


April Siese

Internet Culture

October is a very special month for a lot of very special reasons. But there’s one reason in particular that puts the tenth month of our calendar year head and shoulders (or whatever position you please!) above the rest. It’s something hiding in plain sight, that you probably do on the regular.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to National Nut Month.

One must presume that when the National Peanut Board declared it #NationalNutMonth and told people to “take the month off,” they meant “clear out your schedule to nosh on nuts.” But this is the internet, a place for porn, and the home of nut and succ alike.

People are trying to nut here. They look up adult videos by the millions and make memes about oral sex more often than they wax poetic on brands like Planters and Diamond. So, they responded to the National Peanut Board as you’d expect.

Since some brilliant social media guru made #NationalNutMonth a hashtag, the campaign’s taken off in some unlikely places. Look how thrilled the George Washington Carver National Monument is about nutting!

Dude was a nut pioneer, nutting every damn day. What a legend. And just look at Diamond nutting all over this wood grain way back in 2014. Who would’ve thought National Nut Month would take off like this?

Looks like the nutspirations are bigger than ever this year. Way to go, National Peanut Board!

The Daily Dot reached out to the National Peanut Board expecting to receive a flashy press release and a SFW statement. Instead, a spokesperson sent an automated out of office message. They probably took some time off to, you know, nut—just as October intended. 

Keep on nuttin’, y’all.

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