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These 2nd-graders’ class survey is the best thing on the internet

It is impossible to hate on this second grade survey from Mrs. Porter’s kids


David Covucci

Internet Culture

It is so easy to throw vitriol at anything these days. Hell, people are crapping all over April the giraffe just for not giving birth yet.

That’s the level of anger toward each other we’ve reached.

But there is a salve, in the form of the sweet children of Mrs. Porter’s second-grade class in Cayuga, Indiana, which put something out onto the internet that is—unlike every other single thing ever put out onto the internet—impossible to respond to with anything other than love and joy.

It’s a survey, and it’s so dang cute. The class is going to learn about graphs, so they are polling people.

But just look at some of the questions.

Do you like Pokemon? *
1. Yes
2. No

What kind of food do you like?
1. Pizza
2. Soup

What kind of animal do you like?
1. Giraffe
2. Zebra

Does your name start with a vowel or consonant?
1. Vowel
2. Consonant

Can you write in cursive?
1. Yes
2. No

This isn’t Donald Trump‘s survey on media bias; this is second graders who genuinely want to know things about people and learn how to graph data.

How—how can you hate on that? You can’t.

Mrs. Potter told BuzzFeed News the kids are loving the virality of their survey and even cracking some good jokes about it.

“You can just watch that number tick, tick, tick, just counting up, and they’ll squeal every time we hit a big milestone,” Mrs. Potter said. “They’ve been joking that we broke the internet. Every time I go to refresh and it won’t work, they’re like, ‘Ah, we broke the internet again!’”

Let the children never grow up.

And take the survey here.

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