woman in car caption ' When everybody simps over Sid from skins but he sent you an unsolicited D pic and gaslit you and used his fame to convince you get naqed over Skype' (c) Mike Bailey 'Sid' from Skins (c) woman in car caption ' When everybody simps over Sid from skins but he sent you an unsolicited D pic and gaslit you and used his fame to convince you get naqed over Skype' (r)

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TikToker says ‘Skins’ star Mike Bailey coerced her into ‘getting naked’ on Skype, resurfacing allegations of grooming minors online

‘If you stay silent, they will just continue to get away with it.’


Rebekah Harding

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A woman alleges former actor Mike Bailey, most famous for his role as Sid Jenkins in the 2007 British TV show Skins, sent her unsolicited nudes and coerced her into getting naked on a Skype call in a now-viral TikTok, prompting the allegations that he did the same to minors in 2014 to resurface.

Three accusers have come forward with public allegations on TikTok and Twitter, and two say they were minors when this took place. All allegations remain live via viral internet posts.

In the video uploaded by TikToker Sabreena Berry (@sabreenakai) on July 13, she sits in her car with the overlay text reading, “When everyone simps over Sid from Skins but he sent you an unsolicited D pic and gaslit you and used his fame to convince you get [naked] over Skype.”

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The video amassed over 530,000 views as of July 28, with commenters pointing to past allegations against Bailey made by several minors on Twitter in 2020.

In a storytime video posted on July 14, Berry alleges that Bailey messaged her on Instagram in 2014 after she commented on a Skins fan page saying, “he’s so hot.”

“I gave him my Snapchat and he ended up just straight-up sending me the picture. No questions about my age. Thankfully for me, I had just turned 18,” Berry says in the clip.

Berry says Bailey asked her to Skype with him, during which she alleges he asked her to get naked. At the time of the alleged incident, Bailey would have been 24 or 25.

“While we were Skyping, he said that we had to be really quiet because of his roommates. And then he started peer pressuring me into removing, yeah,” she claims, gesturing to her clothing. “He basically made it seem like if I wasn’t going to do those things that he’s too busy as has other things to do.”

Berry says that during the Skype call, Bailey masturbated on camera. Berry says he said he would give her his number to “keep in contact” but never responded to her texts.

“After the Skype, I never heard from him again,” Berry says. “Very shortly after that, he had deleted his Instagram account and then a couple months after that I saw that he had gotten married. So his ‘roommates’ was really his fiance.”

@sabreenakai Replying to @sabreenakai uh yeah here it is i guess #fyp #skins #skinsuk #mikebailey #sidjenkins #sidskins #e4 #bristol #bristoluk ♬ original sound – sabreenakai

In the comments section, several users raised concern that Bailey may now hold a position as a school teacher, according to a now-deleted TikTok posted by a user who claims to be one of his students. In the clip reposted by Berry, it shows footage of Bailey teaching in a classroom with text overlay reading, “Sid from skins (mike bailey) teaches in my school.”

In a 2017 interview with Radio Times, Bailey confirmed he “moved away from acting” but has not confirmed whether he held a teaching position. However, a quote from Bailey implies that he was pursuing a career in education saying, “ended up getting in a conversation with the wife a couple of years ago and decided that those who can’t act teach.”

@sabreenakai Replying to @insanebraintrain #greenscreenvideo had to screen record because the person who originally uploaded deleted it but yes #fyp #mikebailey #teacher #sidskins #skinsuk ♬ original sound – sabreenakai

This is not the first allegation made against Bailey. In a 2020 tweet from user Gemini G, she alleges that Bailey asked her to send nudes when she was 15 years old after she reached out for advice after finding out he was an alumnus of her acting school.


In response to another user who said, “I hope it wasn’t Sid,” Gemini G wrote, “Girl I don’t know what to tell you, I’m sorry,” implying the Skins actor referenced in the tweet was Mike Bailey.

In a comment under her initial tweet, Gemini G posted screenshots of the alleged communication with Bailey via Facebook Messenger. In the screenshots, the user who Gemini G claims is Bailey writes, “It’s secret you could send what you wanted and no one would know but me!” and “Boobs… That’s you… Still would love to see them.”


The resurfacing of allegations against Bailey comes with an insurgence of other young fans who are speaking out against alleged abuse and grooming from celebrities like Ezra Miller and Marilyn Manson.

According to the National Children’s Alliance, one in five minors will be “solicited sexually” on the internet before turning 18. Some accusers say that they feel ashamed they engaged in communication despite being groomed as minors, a common sentiment among adult victims of child sexual abuse and harassment, according to RAINN.

“I felt embarrassed because I ‘flirted back,’” Gemini G tweeted, along with the screenshots. “But then again I was naive and he was like 23 so there’s no excuse.”

In a reply to Gemini G’s tweet, user Mary (@mrykeane) shared screenshots of her own alleged communication with Bailey she claimed occurred when she was 15. She said he added her on Snapchat and Instagram and sent her unsolicited “dick pics.”


For Berry, she tells the Daily Dot she hopes by going public with the allegations against Bailey, it may encourage others with similar stories to speak out.

“The one thing I’d really like to say to other people in similar situations as myself and the other young women who went through this with Mike is that most of the time you aren’t alone and this has happened to others,” Berry wrote in an email to the Daily Dot. “If you stay silent, they will just continue to get away with it and hold no accountability for their actions and continue to abuse their power.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Gemini G and Mary via Twitter direct message. The Daily Dot attempted to contact Bailey by reaching out to his sister on Instagram, as he does not have a current publicist or active social media but was not met with a response in time for the publication of this story.

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