This miserable-looking Michael Myers is an evergreen reaction meme

That stare!


Alyse Stanley

Internet Culture

Posted on Nov 9, 2018   Updated on May 21, 2021, 2:01 am CDT

There’s a reason that the internet is filled with reaction GIFs and memes that feature children. Their expressive faces and complete lack of pretense can capture complex emotions that would take adults tripping over several words to convey.

There’s the little girl who was thoroughly unimpressed by her sister’s extra-as-hell freakout after being surprised with a Disneyland trip, reflecting all us when we’re just like “can you not.” Then there’s the epitome of all awkward interactions, a boy just trying to get his drink on at Popeyes when a Vine user catapults him into viral fame. And now, for the moments where we’re paralyzed by that weird stomach-clenching combination of nerves, second-hand embarrassment, and exasperation, we have this kid.


Something about the tiny Michael Myers’ mortified expression utterly captivated Twitter, whose users quickly began crafting their own memes to personify everyday awkwardness, several of them garnering hundreds of thousands of likes.

The still image seems to have originated from a video uploaded by @sgrate_ the day before Halloween. It shows a happy group of four driving together dressed in their Halloween costumes; the camera moves from a chipper Jason at the wheel to a smiling Chucky strapped in a car seat in the back to, finally, the most miserable-looking Michael Myers the internet has ever seen.

The hilarious juxtaposition inspired @sgrate_ to make what looks to be the first version of the meme. The short video snippet has been viewed nearly 7 million times.

It didn’t take long before other versions cropped up.



The meme saw additional attention following the United States’ recent midterm elections. After all the drama of the night had settled down and voter tallies began flooding in, one person used the Michael Myers meme to convey their distaste with people blaming Beyoncé’s last-minute support for Beto O’Rourke for his loss in the heated race for a Texas Senate seat. It was picked up by a similarly frustrated user, whose response accumulated over 50,000 likes.


Time will tell if this miniature Michael Myers becomes as viral a star as other kids-turned-reaction-images, but one thing’s for certain: the apprehension on the kid’s face is a feeling all too familiar for those of us who are Extremely Online


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*First Published: Nov 9, 2018, 1:36 pm CST