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‘SNL’ pokes fun at viral testimony given by Giuliani’s star witness—and viewers think it deserves an Emmy

The testimony already felt like an 'SNL' sketch.


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Posted on Dec 6, 2020   Updated on Dec 6, 2020, 9:12 am CST

The viral testimony given by Rudy Giuliani’s star voter fraud witness Melissa Carone felt like a Saturday Night Live sketch, so the show decided to turn it into one.

Carone, who is an IT contractor for Dominion Voting Systems, baselessly and bizarrely claimed that voter fraud was committed in the 2020 presidential election before the Michigan State Senate on Tuesday.

At the time, people online heavily mocked Carone, and SNL decided to join in on the fun Saturday night.

Cecily Strong took on the role of a slurring Carone, while Kate McKinnon reprised her role as Trump’s personal lawyer for the show’s cold open.

“I personally saw hundreds if not thousands of dead people vote,” Strong’s Carone says. “I ‘member because I was walking to and they were walking in and then they gave their votes to Democrats and you probably did something crazy with them. … Did you talk to the dead people?”

She maintains that she was not lying and points to the affidavit she signed, seemingly mispronouncing it as “after-David.”

Strong’s Carone mixes up the the voting system company, Dominion, and the pizza chain, Dominos, saying it “cheated me out of my cheesy bread.”

“You’re lucky I need another drink,” she says as she walks off the stage.

During the real-life testimony, Giuliani appeared to try and reel Carone in at one point, and SNL poked fun at that, too.

“Maybe you want to pull it back a little, I’m afraid you’re making us look foolish,” McKinnon’s Giuliani says.

From there, an increasingly unhinged series of “witnesses” testify.

However, it’s Strong who viewers think deserves an Emmy. “Give Cecily Strong an Emmy. She nailed it on SNL,” one user tweeted.

Watch the full cold open below:

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*First Published: Dec 6, 2020, 9:01 am CST