Mark Twain is your annoying coworker in this new webseries

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Mark Twain works in your office in this new webseries from Mandatory Productions called “[email protected]

In the YouTube series [email protected], legendary author Mark Twain works in a modern-day office of a social media company. He’s a pretty annoying co-worker.

He tries to mail a letter to Twitter, can’t stay under 140 characters, apologizes to a black coworker for using the N-word 219 times in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and is confounded by a copy machine.


In his trademark white suit, white bushy hair and mustache, and lilting southern accent, Bryce Wissel (who plays Twain) nails it. The best is the one featuring a black coworker named Jim whom Twain just can’t leave alone.

As Twain says in the series, “It’s called the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor!” Just because other people in his office don’t get him, doesn’t mean he isn’t a comedy genius.

Screengrab via YouTube

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