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Mark Hamill proves he can go viral by simply tweeting his own name

Other Twitter users went viral with their own Hamill tweets.


Siobhan Ball

Internet Culture

Posted on Sep 6, 2021

After a Twitter user, @LozzaBean12 who goes by Lauren, suggested that he could go viral simply by tweeting his own name, Mark Hamill decided to give it a test. Turns out, she was right and Hamill made it to the trending page this morning by doing just that.

Because Hamill is a gent and always makes sure to give credit where credit’s due he tweeted out his name as a quote tweet of Lauren’s original suggestion, so everyone would know it was her idea.

The tweet quickly went viral because everyone really does love Hamill that much. So much so that the tweet inspired other Twitter users, celebrities included, to ask whether tweeting Hamill’s name would give them a viral hit too.

George Takei, a man who loves an online trend, joined the game, inspiring some fans to reignite the Trek vs. Wars rivalry and others to ask excitedly whether a crossover episode was happening. The true fans, however, pointed out that a crossover had already happened as Takei has starred in both franchises, as Sulu in the iconic original series of Star Trek and the voice of General Lok Durd in the Clone Wars series.

Even a pizza place decided to get in on the action! Hamill actually responding to the restaurant’s tweet, advising his followers to stop by the place and try it out.

He’s also helping other people get their own Hamill tweets trending by sharing and responding with words of encouragement.

As for Lauren, while she seems a little shocked from the attention from Hamill—and the rest of Twitter—for her tweet, she’s pretty happy she “made space Dad laugh”.

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*First Published: Sep 6, 2021, 1:26 pm CDT