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People are roasting this woman’s tips for avoiding a ‘manrepeller’ apartment

Time to throw out your books, ladies!


Gabrielle Sorto

Internet Culture

Posted on Feb 14, 2019   Updated on May 20, 2021, 7:05 pm CDT

Over the weekend, the Daily Mail published an article titled “How to avoid turning your home into a manrepeller.” It was if it was asking to be roasted. And oh boy, did it succeed!

In the article, “interiors therapist” Suzanne Roynon examines the author’s apartment and gives her tips on how to make it appealing to men. She uses the KonMari method popularized by Marie Kondo, but harsher. It’s less about what sparks joy and more about what puts off men. Among the things in one’s home that are manrepellers: books, especially those with “depressing titles.” Owning a cactus is off limits if you want to find a man because they are simply “too spiky.” You should also be sure not to have any clutter, she says, because it makes us “ill” and “fat.”

“You’ll quite often find in the houses of very overweight people, the centre of the house is rammed with stuff,” Roynon says in the article.

People on Twitter took issue with the suggestions and roasted Roynon’s ideas. A lot of people particularly found it laughable that books will make a man run the other way.

Also, plants are amazing. Not only are they pretty, but they bring literal life to your space. I mean, cacti are one of the easiest plants to keep alive, so why wouldn’t you have any? In response to Roynon’s “spiky” comments, people are sharing photos of their plants, begging to repel all men.

Vases and images of “single women” are also apparently bad—or are they just stuff that some women have in their apartments.

I’m not sure how any of us ladies are going to find a man under these conditions. I guess I’m destined to be left alone with my books and cacti forever. And I think I’m OK with that.

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*First Published: Feb 14, 2019, 3:59 pm CST